Essential Tips for Clear Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and also is one of the most important bodily organs. Your skin acts as the first line of defense against bacteria and other viruses. Thus, when the skin is damaged, your health is compromised. There are a lot of skin conditions that can break your body’s defenses. One of which is acne. Acne is very common and though it may not pose a serious health threat, it can damage your body image and self-esteem. To help you get clear skin, here are simple steps that you need to do to prevent and treat acne.

Avoid friction and be very gentle on your skin. Acne mechanica is a type of acne that is often caused by friction. This happens a lot with individuals who are into sports. This can be caused by the articles that you use such as towels or other things that comes in contact and creates friction. To avoid this type of acne, it is important that you wash off all the dirt and grime immediately after workout. When cleansing your skin, you need to be very gentle and as much as possible, use a mild cleanser for your face. Your face is very sensitive and using body soaps and bars can cause skin irritations that may aggravate your acne condition.

Avoid oil based makeup. Acne victims usually use cosmetic products to cover up their blemishes. It has become a mainstream way of getting rid of acne almost instantly. However, you have to remember that oil based products can clog your pores. When pores are clogged there is an increased chance that you will get acne. It is important that you wash off your makeup before you go to sleep and as much as possible, go with water-based products. These cosmetic products are non comendogenic and that is very important in treating and preventing acne.

Always use a moisturizers. Moisturizers do not only keep your skin dry but also helps you prevent acne. When your skin is dry your brain signals your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. It is the autonomic response of your body in order to restore balance. When you apply moisturizers, it mimics the lipid barrier thus, control the production of oil. You should also look for moisturizers with an SPF factor of 15. This way you will have a sunscreen slash moisturizer combo to effectively prevent dryness.